Who we really are.

This isn’t a philosophical post. What I am about to write may offend you as you near the conclusion. Especially if your gender is  Male. I expect most of you to quit reading as you finish the first paragraph, two at the most. But, if you still make it to the bottom of this page, you MAY see things differently!

Recently, a lot of my Facebook friends shared a few pictures, all of them raising one common issue – our circumscribed thinking. They sure made me disgust mine, if you haven’t already seen those pics you’ll feel the same in about 10 mins. In case you saw and ignored the message, well BURN in HELL. I am going to talk about the best ones that may shake your sleeping conscience.

1: If you feel that it is hot, plant a tree. This is pretty right actually. After reading a few blogs and wiki pages I came to a conclusion that “TREES ARE VERY IMPORTANT”. I think i don’t need to mention elementary science reasons for that. Unfortunately, we are at fault. We may give infinite reason for deforestation, but justify none. There is no point in lecturing you over its effects. If you understand how to use a computer and read my blog, you very well know its implications.

2: Surely a bullet train will solve all the problems of a 10 year old child labor. Recently, Indian government gestured multiple times about its plans to accelerate India’s technological growth. 100 Crores have been proposed for its infrastructural development.  Another proposal was to erect a 182 mts tall monument of Vallabhbhai Patel with an expected budget of $34 Million. Those are large values.I am sure this had more priority than current fiscal deficit of India, increasing inflation, decreasing education standards, unemployment. I am sure these can be tackled in the next FY. After all “Ache din ane wale hai(Good days are about to come)” as campaigned by Bhartiye Janta party. We so readily accept what we are given. We have learned to move on quicker now. To some a bullet train seems the right thing, but that is only from individualistic perspective. If we were to consider this whole society then there may appear things of higher importance than that.

3: We live in a society where Porn Stars are easily accepted as Actors while a rape victim is denied the status of a person. (this ripped my conscience).  These are strong words and have even stronger message. In itself they are a one liner description of our pigeonholed psychology. We all (including me as well) may write, debate endlessly on the female empowerment, but never may arrive at the definitive solution for it. We call ourselves so morally strong. However, we forget to scrutinize our insensitive conduct with these victims. They don’t need our sympathy, for it is the last thing they ask for. Empathy doesn’t help either as it is fake unless you’ve been yourself in such a situation. What is the solution? Did you ever though about it ? I did once. I ended up blaming the society and the political structure of India. What I did not realize ,until i read this line, was that I belonged to the same society as well. I chose the government in action. All that I get is the repercussions of my actions and my decisions. Same applies to everyone of us.

We all try to find someone that we can put the blame on, someone who will be the victim of our own collective mistake. The only solution that appears to me now is to change the world.  Obviously you can’t, you are not Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi, you are you. If you are able to bring the same change in yourself that you want to see in the world, consider it a victory.

I read these next few lines in a book and it made sense to me.

A small boy once saw a women getting raped by a very muscular guy, someone she could not overpower. The boy could have tried to save her but he saw that the women herself did not try to protest. The man saw the boy and frightened him so much that he fled the scene. His mother told him that he was too young(he was, in fact) to have saved the woman. The women herself did not protest because she knew she would die if she did. She chose life over death. But his mother was being protective of him. His uncle told him that it was the women karma that she will have to live with now(having not protested) but it was your karma to save her and now that you did not, you will have to carry the burden your whole life.      — The Secret of Nagas ( Shiva Trilogy -II)

One has to live with the decisions one makes. There is no point in writing things that you already know. We all face great challenges as individuals and as a society. Most of them can be tackled easily with reason and standing up together as one. If you read this line and have a different thinking or ideology, please surprise me!



7 days off from life. Part 1


Life has been very busy the past year. Almost no time to retire from the hectic schedule that my life was offering me every day. But last week of March was my time out from all this mess. Delhi -> Bombay -> Goa. That was my plan for the week.

So off i went from Delhi early in the morning via Air, and landed at Mumbai in about 2 hours and was in my room at the end of the next . So Mumbai it was where i was to spend next 3 nights.


Mumbai airport was better than expected. Having departed from Indra Gandhi T-3 Terminal at  Delhi which looks no less than a 5 star hotel, Chatrapati shivaji Airport at Mumbai looked equally good to me, infact better.

My dad had already made arrangements for accommodation so all we had to do was to hire a cab to the destination and we were there. Mumbai was not so pleasant as expected. Especially the roads. Immediately after we hit the roads i wanted to come back to Delhi for it was nowhere near close to what i expected Mumbai to be.

But as we neared our destination, the place got better and less crowded. I was  told malabar hill was south extension of Delhi, so i hoped it would be a better place and it was indeed.

To tired after the 6 hours journey from home to check-in to security check to flight to mumbai to hotel, i just wanted to crash on my bed in the room, which happened to be on 11th floor. I remembered i saw a giant park and a sea shore near my staying place, so i was a little more excited to be in mumbai than i was in the past hour.


It turned out better than I expected it to be.

Every following day that I spent at Mumbai, it was at this place I visited every evening from 6 to 8. Day were hot here, hotter than they were in Delhi, but the weather was not sweaty. Wind was cool near the sea and it felt very calm to sit under a coconut tree.  The coming day we decided to head out the hotel and visit a few places like the ever famous Mahalaxmi temple, and a few relatives who were settled in mumbai. The day after that called for a visit to the nearby local markets and Sidhivinayak Mandir.

Local eateries in mumbai were pathetic. :/ Everything had a pinch of sweet taste in it. Even the chutney and pickle were sweet. Even the famous Vada Pao , that everyone know is a very famous dish of mumbai, was a small bun  filled with a very big, almost tasteless Indian potato fritter. It was dry, with no cream or mayo sauce or cheese inside it. However, when i saw local people savoring the dish, I thought it may be my taste buds that were acting up to the taste of these coastal delights. Nonetheless, the next day was going to be the most exciting day of the whole trip. It was ESSEL WORLD  that I was going to , India’s largest amusement park as they claim. The day ended with a lot of memories and a longing for getting on those rides one more time, but it was time to prepare to depart from Mumbai and head for the next city – Goa… (to be continued)