Too many things on my mind.

Lately I haven’t been on wordpress much. It all started on 13th this month. I was eagerly waiting for the result of this Job interview that i went through the week before. Till this day I was very clear about my career path for the next year or so. That day passed with little celebrations and a few congratulation calls from friends and family. Seemed like a pretty good day to me. The worst followed the next day. I received an email stating that I have made it to an MBA college I applied for. Well this, at first, seemed like a WOW moment. Getting two things that i always wanted to. But then, I had to decide which one to let go and which one to hold on. That is when the hardest part starts. Then next few days passed horribly with me along with my family brainstorming about both the options but still the balance was equally weighted for both of them. I had sleepless nights, not because I was worried or anxious but because I was up all night chatting with seniors ,employees and Ex-employees about the credibility of choosing that stake. There was a time I would make up my mind for one, and the next morning I was completely blank why I chose that. It was like you were given a choice to take home Either Angelina Jolie and Scarlet Johansson. None seemed better over other and none seemed lesser of other. I was too scared to flip a coin because I thought the coin would not come down.
In a day or two I got pretty pissed off. Nobody giving me a straight answer. Though one of my closest friend (Raunaq) was trying very hard to convince me into job. I really appreciate his effort there and his friendship throughout my graduation. But the thing was I was too skeptical about myself, I felt I may not succeed in the MBA entrance exams two years from now. I failed to trust my ability. I always boasted a practical personality, but here I realized the true me. After a lot of data crunching and anticipating the future prospects that might be best for me with the advice of a few i trust, I settled for one. The Job. But these 7 days have been the longest and the most mentally torturing days of my life. I couldn’t even celebrate for the happiness i received. In-fact I dont remember being happy these 7 days. All i remember is being worried and anxious and checking my facebook profile every 15 mins for any messages from people I’ve been consulting about this. And I am not happy about this. There were times I wished that I hadn’t got both these opportunities at the same time. But as it turns out or rather as it had to turn out, I voted for one and now I have accepted the fact that I will have to live with the consequences whatever they may be.


Try being my Critic!

I am a web developer. Yes, I am. People say, it is not a designation worth mentioning or a job not worth doing. Well my reply to them is “It is a designation with a job that requires Imagination and creativity that YOU along with YOUR WHOLE INTELLECTUAL CONSORTIUM is not capable of making to in this lifetime”. This post is not to humiliate anyone who belongs to this group nor is it to prove my wisdom. It is also not targeted towards any of my college/school teacher/classmates who ,in a way, tried to pull me, my imagination and my aptitude in this particular discipline down by saying that “Anyone CAN make a website”. If you have ever been subjected to such mental exploitation, continue reading as you may feel a little better. If you have been the reason of this oppression…… BURN IN HELL, but before that, read this post.

Well, now that you know the objective of this post and the target audience I shall get on with it. I was born with average intelligence. Yes I was. But then, who isn’t? Every individual is born with average intelligence. Yes, even you. What? Did you feel offended? Oh, I am so not sorry, because you are. If you still think that you are extra ordinary, and consider yourself high born with some talent like no other, well wait, don’t release your fury upon me yet, and think for a moment. Does a score of 95+ out of 100 makes you the “WEE CHILD” ? If yes, then go to an empty room, dim the lights and lie down making no noise and movement until help arrives. This first kind of fault-finders are mostly withing 100 yards if you are in school or college. I have many friends who behave this way. They try their best to raise themselves above me and call me dwarf, but in that attempt they fall on their ass. One of the Greatest mentor in my life once told me that if someone ever tries to pull you down, use the INSULTING FINGER. So to this kind of nitpickers I let my finger do the talking.

Knowledge is an uncountable entity.  You cannot find  a fraction of your intellect vs that the world possess. Well this is because knowledge is not a measurable quantity. Now, before you F-Bomb me and comment “What is the purpose of tests?” read on. Examinations are a way to testify that you actually possess the  qualities you claim to. It is merely a test of what you actually know vs what you assert to. So if you are smart in a field, you still are “SMART IN THAT PARTICULAR BRANCH OF STUDY”. Not in every domain. Exactly like me, you too are an average kid.

Now, coming to a the people who Say “Anyone can build a website”. Yes anybody can, if they learn how to. But could you? Did anyone else realize that there is a difference of possibility between the word Can and Could. Nonetheless this is a group of people who will tell you that you own a few qualities that are very easy to acquire yet so meaningless that they themselves did not waste their time on it. My advice to you for such people: Don’t give a shit about what they say. Instead write a post to humiliate them among global public. This ought to give you more satisfaction that bombarding them in personal.

There in-fact is a third group of critics who will criticize you without knowing why. Their lack of knowledge in your field of expertise will make you doubt your knowledge in the same. Don’t fall for that. These people will pretend to know everything about everything, and yet they will successfully fail to succeed at anything. These pretentious little brats will try to relate everything that you know to something that they did, happened with them or are currently doing. Avoid them mentally. Yes mentally, physical avoidance might not be possible sometimes so abstain them mentally.

Now moving on to the final group of critics who should be the one that matters to you. Your parents, your closest friends, your wisest teachers. They never attack your ego or your honor. They go after your defeat with the motive of turning them to your victory.  They make you fly high without falling on your face. And they always love you and would support you in anything. Only you’ve got to show them that this is what you love to do. Stay close to such people. I like to call such people my forte.

Do not befriend people who praise you unconditionally yet never point out a single mistake. Your seriously are not perfect, because if you are then you are non-existent. True friends will always praise you at your good and condemn your wrong.  Their criticism will not be with the purpose to demotivate or insult you but with the hope that you will realize that you are wrong. They other group of friends are your biggest foes. Their criticism will be with the rationale of breaking you from a few inches inside. Don’t take it seriously. As someone once said that

one always has fewer weaknesses that one’s critics claim.