Who we really are.

This isn’t a philosophical post. What I am about to write may offend you as you near the conclusion. Especially if your gender is  Male. I expect most of you to quit reading as you finish the first paragraph, two at the most. But, if you still make it to the bottom of this page, you MAY see things differently!

Recently, a lot of my Facebook friends shared a few pictures, all of them raising one common issue – our circumscribed thinking. They sure made me disgust mine, if you haven’t already seen those pics you’ll feel the same in about 10 mins. In case you saw and ignored the message, well BURN in HELL. I am going to talk about the best ones that may shake your sleeping conscience.

1: If you feel that it is hot, plant a tree. This is pretty right actually. After reading a few blogs and wiki pages I came to a conclusion that “TREES ARE VERY IMPORTANT”. I think i don’t need to mention elementary science reasons for that. Unfortunately, we are at fault. We may give infinite reason for deforestation, but justify none. There is no point in lecturing you over its effects. If you understand how to use a computer and read my blog, you very well know its implications.

2: Surely a bullet train will solve all the problems of a 10 year old child labor. Recently, Indian government gestured multiple times about its plans to accelerate India’s technological growth. 100 Crores have been proposed for its infrastructural development.  Another proposal was to erect a 182 mts tall monument of Vallabhbhai Patel with an expected budget of $34 Million. Those are large values.I am sure this had more priority than current fiscal deficit of India, increasing inflation, decreasing education standards, unemployment. I am sure these can be tackled in the next FY. After all “Ache din ane wale hai(Good days are about to come)” as campaigned by Bhartiye Janta party. We so readily accept what we are given. We have learned to move on quicker now. To some a bullet train seems the right thing, but that is only from individualistic perspective. If we were to consider this whole society then there may appear things of higher importance than that.

3: We live in a society where Porn Stars are easily accepted as Actors while a rape victim is denied the status of a person. (this ripped my conscience).  These are strong words and have even stronger message. In itself they are a one liner description of our pigeonholed psychology. We all (including me as well) may write, debate endlessly on the female empowerment, but never may arrive at the definitive solution for it. We call ourselves so morally strong. However, we forget to scrutinize our insensitive conduct with these victims. They don’t need our sympathy, for it is the last thing they ask for. Empathy doesn’t help either as it is fake unless you’ve been yourself in such a situation. What is the solution? Did you ever though about it ? I did once. I ended up blaming the society and the political structure of India. What I did not realize ,until i read this line, was that I belonged to the same society as well. I chose the government in action. All that I get is the repercussions of my actions and my decisions. Same applies to everyone of us.

We all try to find someone that we can put the blame on, someone who will be the victim of our own collective mistake. The only solution that appears to me now is to change the world.  Obviously you can’t, you are not Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi, you are you. If you are able to bring the same change in yourself that you want to see in the world, consider it a victory.

I read these next few lines in a book and it made sense to me.

A small boy once saw a women getting raped by a very muscular guy, someone she could not overpower. The boy could have tried to save her but he saw that the women herself did not try to protest. The man saw the boy and frightened him so much that he fled the scene. His mother told him that he was too young(he was, in fact) to have saved the woman. The women herself did not protest because she knew she would die if she did. She chose life over death. But his mother was being protective of him. His uncle told him that it was the women karma that she will have to live with now(having not protested) but it was your karma to save her and now that you did not, you will have to carry the burden your whole life.      — The Secret of Nagas ( Shiva Trilogy -II)

One has to live with the decisions one makes. There is no point in writing things that you already know. We all face great challenges as individuals and as a society. Most of them can be tackled easily with reason and standing up together as one. If you read this line and have a different thinking or ideology, please surprise me!



Insomniac FIFA

FIFA WC 2014. Every permutation of these characters has made it successfully, in these last 3 days, to the Hashtag database. Facebook has evidently turned into FIFA.com news channel. I wonder if they have already started a RSS feed of people’s tags on this world wide event. Football suddenly captured every mind that breaths sport, including me. I haven’t followed football ever in my life as I am doing right now and I did in the last world cup..

This time FIFA fever seems to have taken me down stronger than last time. I only remember a few events of 2010 WC. But in this world cup, My mind is restless. I am unable to control my urge to tune to Youtube and endlessly watch awesome football videos,moments,goals and what not. My browsing  history is overflowing with football video links, Ronaldo , Messi, Robben, Neymar and who not. My football dictionary increased exponentially adding endless rules and players’ bios to it.

India is a approximately 8.5 hours ahead of Brazil, hence all the LIVE telecast to the WC matches are post sleeping times here. There starts a time at around 12 AM when my whatsapp is suddenly flooded with group messages of FIFA moments. This does not stops till the last match for the day which is usually 9 AM. Yes, 9 continuous fucking hours of FIFA bombs on whatsapp. Everybody is a Football GURU suddenly. Even I am. I abruptly turn into a football coach F’ing in anger every move that I dont like and shouting a few astounded F’s when something unexpected happens. Like that Robin van Persie’s flying header which threw me to my toes and yell “This shit is GOD like”.  After that goal he was nicknamed ‘The Flying Dutchman’.Image

This sport has taken over my mind. Yesterday I was awake till 5:30 AM to watch the Italians thrash the England Squad. I cannot control this cravings to play with anything that resembles  a football. I never supported a single team, I followed players. This make me watch every match of the major league teams. Portugal for Ronaldo, Argentina for Messi, Ronnie and Gerrad makes me cheer for England while Buffon does for Italy. It is mixed feeling when you are crossing fingers of one hand that Iniesta scores while other hand is crossed for Netherland team to defend the goal. I felt devastated when Spain lost 5-1 but at the same time I was celebrating for this mammoth win of Dutch over Spaniards.

In the last few days I’ve realized that to follow a sport or anything one does not have to know everything about it. You only need to have the love to enjoy it no matter who wins or lose. I guess that is the rationale behind it. You don’t need to pick sides to experience the thrill of a game, the pumping heart at a goal scored, the goosebumps at those breath-stopping-gasping moments. Although I am not good at sports, I still am good at enjoying it.



Fear is a chain reaction in brain that starts with a stressful stimulus and ends with release of chemicals that pumps up your heart rate and fires up your breathing, making you sweat and increases your attention to your surroundings. But is this all we know about fear? You must have felt this itch in your stomach when you are alone in a room watching a horror movie with doors shut and lights dimmed and all you can hear is your own breathing when the TV is quiet, and suddenly the door slams to the wall and you gasp in fear only to realize that it was wind and no one tried to break in you room. Can sudden slam of door make you so frightened when you are siting in a room full of people? I doubt that. Then the definition of fear misses a vital link. The knowledge of your surroundings.

Our mind is very smart. Well at-least smarter than we think it is. While you were involved in watching the movie consciously, your mind was subconsciously aware of your surroundings. It was ,subconsciously, waiting for any unexpected event (to your conscious) and raise the alarm to your conscious. So the surroundings played a great deal in throwing you into panic instantly. Take another example of your subconscious messing with your head. You sometimes wake up from a dream sweating and realizing what a dreadful dream it was. Yes, you were scared your pants off by a DREAM.

However it is not always your subconscious that gets you high, sometimes there are things we fear consciously. A lot of these things that frighten you are not really things to get frightened of. You fear them because you are told to do so. Think for example, Rejection. I am sure you fear rejection, in love maybe or while being interviewed. But the biggest fear seems to be the Rejection by society. Really? Is that really worth all that rising blood pressure? Standing on a stage, in front of hundred people and speaking a few words might have given you goose bumps. It might still. But is it really that scary?

Some of you are appalled with the constant challenge your life spits at you and in desperation you “WHY ME” bomb yourself and the all mighty and you panic. Remember in the face of crises, fear is useless Yes it is. Fear is perfect, the most volatile fuel to defeat. But the same propellant can be use to shoot for victory if added in right quantity and at the right moment.It is the unknown we fear, replace it with curiosity instead. After all, you cannot fear something forever without knowing what it really is. It maybe a facade.

Then there is Death. Though some of us claim to be gutsy, we all fear it. Death is certain and meaning less (James Moriarty). Everyone has to die, but no one expects or anticipates it. That is why we fear it because it is sudden and our conscious did not had the slightest idea that it was about to be shut forever. That’s when it bleed Adrenalin , its last ray of hope for survival. That’s maybe the time when one may get to realize the fear of death.

Fear is a story you tell yourself continuously until it becomes a mind killer. It becomes a little death and brings total destruction. Fear is a liar. It lies to you the reality of the situation. It numbs your senses and makes your thought process dizzy. Fear has no logic. That is why is looks to frightening. Yes fear itself is phobia. Something like phobophobia. The only way to escape the hold fear has on us is to feed your mind with truth. It is the only way people conquer it. Have faith in your senses and capabilities because there is nothing to fear from yourself.

A letter to SUN

Dear Sun,

Hello. I am writing from Earth, one of your 4.5 billion years old daughter. Although you are 149,600,000 KM away from us, we can still feel the warmth of your love each day ever since our existence. Well some people get more of you than others but that’s not your fault, as with time our mother got old and she cannot stand straight up like she used to. It is summer here in Southern Asia.

Lately, you have been acting a bit weird. Many of us have felt unbearably hot vibes coming from you. Is it something wrong we did? Or is it just the usual teenage hormonal burst you are experiencing? I hope it is the latter. I agree we ourselves haven’t been so kind to our mother, maybe that is the reason you are so upset about. Everything is changing now. It rain now when it should be sunny out there, it is burning hot when it should be mildly cold.
People wearing white coats here tell us that we are headed for an ice age despite you glowing like this for several thousand lac years. If something like that happens, why dont you save your energy now and use it then?

Everything is advancing here at a very fast rate. But it seems that our mother pays all the bills to that. She always has been generous. White coats once told us that the black smoke our vehicles exhales out is responsible for keeping your warmth on earth. But, recently its amount has increased substantially and uncontrollably trapping more of you. This of course does not seems good. It is shrinking the white mountains and diluting the blue oceans.

Our race is selfish. Yes I admit, all the problems that we face are the result of our own actions. You , like a father, always ,along with mother, supported our existence. We , on other hand, have always take you for granted. I realize now that we have been a burden on you for the past few centuries. But I hope that like all parents, you will never give up on us though we might already have given up on you.


Game Theory

Real life is the game that – literally – everyone is playing

Life ,as it appears , is a game played by everyone at every moment. It is like one of those endless run games where one runs in a particular direction avoiding obstacles. The goal , however, i realized by a few people and conquered by fewer.

I’ve gotta run because people tell me to do so.

It seems rather pointless to head for the same direction as everybody else. But nonetheless, we still play the game.

The game starts when we are young. It is when we learn the rules of this game. We are overflowing with our zeal and have plenty of energy. At this moment of time, we get to choose a character while the bigger deals like job,car,house,lover etc are still to be unlocked.



Our experience is still low and a few skill set  also remains locked. It is for us to unlock them. And as we grow, we evolve these traits continuously. One of them being how to obey. Sometimes you may find your own mind going against you, for example it is always hard to resist the temptation to come online in exams. DON’T PANIC. This isn’t a bug in you source code.

Once you master your mind, try playing with others’. You will feel a sudden urge to find a partner. This task is ,in itself, a mini game.  You will require heavy artillery because this level may be close to world war.You may be rejected by several other players. This ,however, is normal, may diminish your willpower. Try to maintain a minimum threshold of it for other tasks. You may be allowed multiple lives at this level, you might just want to play smart to achieve the best lover. 

Once you complete this level, you will find difficulty increased exponentially. With greater responsibilities and much more expectation you may find it difficult to achieve your ultimate goal. But keep your eye on the ultimate prize as this was just a auxiliary mission that you’ve completed. Meanwhile, this level also unlocks several achievements like Happiness, Love and Headache.

Now, it is the time to earn. This is the most important level with almost unlimited upgrades and achievements.

The most important rule of money is never to borrow it, except for things that earn you more back.

Recurring deposits like education may act as a good investment scheme with substantially larger returns for longer period of time.

As time passes you will find your energy reserve depleted and slower recovery. These may be symptoms of aging. Check for other symptoms like Hearing problem, walking problem, health issues etc. If the reports are positive, it may be time for you to retire and save your energy. All players die after about 29,000 days, or 80 years. If your stats and skills are good, you might last a little longer.

Remember there are no cheat codes to this game. That’s why your strategy is important. Because by the time most of us have figured life out, we’ve used up too much of the best parts.

Now you’d best get playing.

Monty Hall Problem defined.


You must consider the variable change.

Those who saw the movie 21 Blackjack , I am sure a lot of you must have, must have imagined what that concept was that professor Micky presented to his class. I found , after a few minutes of digging down into google, it was the very famous Monty Hall Problem. It is a logical puzzle loosely based on the american game show Let’s make a deal“. 

The premise of the game is as follows:

You’re on a game show, and you’re given the choice of three doors: Behind one door is a car; behind the others, goats. You pick a door, say No. 1 ( a very apt choice as all the three doors have the same probability of being chosen), and the host, who knows what’s behind the doors, opens another door, say No. 3, which has a goat. He then says to you, “Do you want to pick door No. 2?” Is it to your advantage to switch your choice?

Well some people would say “I would stick to what i chose. B) ” Those people would be not fools 😛 but simply unaware of the fact “Variable change”. Let me explain what this variable change is.

Let there be three doors 1,2,3 respectively. one of these doors has a CAR behind it while other has a goat.

Say I choose door 2. Probability of the bar being behind that door is 1/3 or 33.33%.

Now, let the game host be you. You obviously know which door has the prize and which ones are boobie trapped. You open the door 3 and show us all that it had a goat behind it.

Suddenly, I realize that the probability of the car being behind your door has risen from 33.33% to 50%. :mrgreen: So when you are going to ask me if i want  to stick to my choice I will be prepared to say yes. Because I did not consider the probability of car being behind the other door.


Three configurations of the doors is possible here.

Door 1    Door 2     Door3

1.   Car         Goat        Goat

2.   Goat       Car          Goat

3.    Goat      Goat         Car

Some of you might have gotten the hint by now. But for those who haven’t here’s the explanation.

The probability of my choice being correct at the first place is 1/3. While that of being wrong is 2/3.

In case the configuration of the car and goat is as shown in case 1 and three, and if i choose gate 2 Then the host , i.e. you, will be forced to open door 3 and 1 (for case 1 and 3 respectively). This is because in both the cases, my choice was wrong, and you being the host cannot open the correct door and the door i choose. Hence, when i change my choice i will definitely win the car. That’s two cases where I will win the car if i change.

In case of case 2 of the config shown above, when i choose door 2 and you open door 1/3 if i change my choice i will lose with a probability of 100%. Hence this is one case when i will lose if i change my choice. 

Now from a total of three cases possible I lose in 1 case and win in 2 cases if i change my choice after the host opens a door.

Hence the probability that i win after i change my choice is 2/3 or 66.66% which is more than 50%.

I hope you like this post  and feel free to kick a conversation on this post to discuss it with me or others.

Credits Raunaq Singh Punn