Breaking Bad

I am no junkie. I don’t smoke,drink or take any kinds of drugs that may cut me loose from my senses. But still I am high. I am hallucinated. This happens every time to me I watch Sherlock or Game of Thrones. Every time i listen to Metallica. Every time I play Call of Duty. Every time I watch Brad Pitt or Robert Downey Jr. paint the screens of my television set.There are things that make me blur the surroundings and get me into a semi-dream state. There are songs that make my heart beat at their tempo. There are movies that make my Medulla Oblongata lose control of my breathing and dim my reflexes. I am sure there are similar things for you as well.

My ears are the most sensitive part of my body. They are easily addled. They cut me from my surroundings completely. They are very robust too. They can recognize Eminem or Rihanna at the faintest of the sound. Good music gets me as high as clean meth does to some crystal junkie. It delights me as much as a marijuana joint does to an addict. Even the theme music of Sherlock gets me high enough to marathon the complete series again. “The Rains of Castamere” gets me stupefied enough to  repeat the song countless times. I have unnatural obsession with music.

My brain, this little bean in my head, is the real reason behind my volatile behavior. It stores pictures, of everything I lay my eyes upon. It runs complex, insanely tangled, algorithms to link every piece of information my senses record. The result of this algorithm is immensely pleasurable and inebriated memories or feelings that gets me into oblivion.This small organ is very easy to distract and then it wander into this gigantic world of its own where it lives with all of my imagination creating things that I dream of, living episodes of Game of Thrones,sitting on the iron throne, Flying like the Iron Man, breaking guitar on a floor with a million people shouting my name and many more stupid things like this.The thins is that this piece of meat is the reason I get high. It controls my thinking and is the reason I blackout from this world so often to walk in a world of my own leaving my subconscious to linger in the real world.

Smoking , breathing or even injecting things may get a person high. But there are things that does not require any of the above mentioned methods and can still get you in a vessel floating in air. It may be physical like the adrenaline kick while racing a Maserati or it may be something as emotional as the feeling of love that gets you dizzy. Whatever it may be, it is far more pleasurable and better than some powder choking your lungs.



Jeoffery Is dead!!!


King Jeoffery is dead. All Game of thrones Fan would have loved the sight of him dying. Well, it was a shock for those who haven’t read the novel already, but it was a shock for those who did as his death came too early in this season than expected. 😀

Nonetheless, many souls around the world would have enjoyed him dying. Not many people like jeoffery. However, recently on facebook I connected to a very heated conversation between two groups of people who loved and hated jeoffery respectively.  It was then i realized that evil has its fans too. But, one thing i have noticed till now, no one wants Tyrion dead (including me). He is my favorite character in the series and I hope to see more of him till the end. 

So season 4 finally started

Game of thrones, that epic fantasy, TV series finally continues. And once again it managed to blow my mind with its premier. though i wanted to see more of Peter Dinklage but nevertheless Massie Williams role just covered what was missing from Tyrions.

Sometimes i wonder if it really is so fascinating (the series) or just a few characters that are making it? For example i cant think of someone who would enjoy Sherlock holmes without sherlock. While watching the complete season of a series only, it takes only a few characters to make you sit and watch the show without blinking once. for me it always were tyrion and sherlock.