Insomniac FIFA

FIFA WC 2014. Every permutation of these characters has made it successfully, in these last 3 days, to the Hashtag database. Facebook has evidently turned into news channel. I wonder if they have already started a RSS feed of people’s tags on this world wide event. Football suddenly captured every mind that breaths sport, including me. I haven’t followed football ever in my life as I am doing right now and I did in the last world cup..

This time FIFA fever seems to have taken me down stronger than last time. I only remember a few events of 2010 WC. But in this world cup, My mind is restless. I am unable to control my urge to tune to Youtube and endlessly watch awesome football videos,moments,goals and what not. My browsing  history is overflowing with football video links, Ronaldo , Messi, Robben, Neymar and who not. My football dictionary increased exponentially adding endless rules and players’ bios to it.

India is a approximately 8.5 hours ahead of Brazil, hence all the LIVE telecast to the WC matches are post sleeping times here. There starts a time at around 12 AM when my whatsapp is suddenly flooded with group messages of FIFA moments. This does not stops till the last match for the day which is usually 9 AM. Yes, 9 continuous fucking hours of FIFA bombs on whatsapp. Everybody is a Football GURU suddenly. Even I am. I abruptly turn into a football coach F’ing in anger every move that I dont like and shouting a few astounded F’s when something unexpected happens. Like that Robin van Persie’s flying header which threw me to my toes and yell “This shit is GOD like”.  After that goal he was nicknamed ‘The Flying Dutchman’.Image

This sport has taken over my mind. Yesterday I was awake till 5:30 AM to watch the Italians thrash the England Squad. I cannot control this cravings to play with anything that resembles  a football. I never supported a single team, I followed players. This make me watch every match of the major league teams. Portugal for Ronaldo, Argentina for Messi, Ronnie and Gerrad makes me cheer for England while Buffon does for Italy. It is mixed feeling when you are crossing fingers of one hand that Iniesta scores while other hand is crossed for Netherland team to defend the goal. I felt devastated when Spain lost 5-1 but at the same time I was celebrating for this mammoth win of Dutch over Spaniards.

In the last few days I’ve realized that to follow a sport or anything one does not have to know everything about it. You only need to have the love to enjoy it no matter who wins or lose. I guess that is the rationale behind it. You don’t need to pick sides to experience the thrill of a game, the pumping heart at a goal scored, the goosebumps at those breath-stopping-gasping moments. Although I am not good at sports, I still am good at enjoying it.



The way I am

Everyone we meet in our life is very smart. They all are too smart and they will try to sell you their lie that they don’t know anything about anything. Now If I say something like that in this post, I don’t want you to believe it. Everybody should be smart because there are too many hands to hold just one CUP. Everybody wants to be on the top, and why shouldn’t they want to be if they got what it takes to be. But is it really that complex to partition wannabes from the rest of the group?

In the last 4 years of my life I’ve met these 3 kinds of people. One, who will work their ass out and yet deny to take all the credit. Two, who work for getting their name high, getting themselves at the top with their hard-work. Three, are those people who thrive on other’s success. For them it is all just a game of being at the top with all being fair in it. Now I ,speaking personally, despise such people – The third kind. There are only a couple of people I’d call a friend after graduating. Not a very good experience there given the fact that I never brawled with anyone. Not even verbally the entire 4 years.

A lot of people try to seek other’s attention. Even I wanted everybody’s attention every time and to get it I did a lot of lame and retarded things that led people to formulate a thinking about me that I am a kid. I made jokes, lots and lots of them, every time, on every one, even on myself .People laughed hard on them, I did harder. But in this futile attempt, I was turning myself as a people’s entertainer. Nobody looked at me as a support or as a confidant. But I was a bit more mature that anyone else could have anticipated. There are friends who took my creations, my hard-work, my knowledge and now call it theirs. I was OK with this. Simply because I knew that what I did was something they could have never done in this life. Just like “Walter White” from Breaking Bad I am obsessed with myself and my intellect. I know my strengths and I know their weaknesses too. I know they wouldn’t die without me, nor do I want a credit. I simply want them to feel a strong missing piece in their complex jigsaw-puzzle.

I want people to know who I really am. That, precisely, was one of the reason of my sudden interest in blogging. Yes take it this way, I want to brag about who I am and what I can do. Because I am proud of being me. No one else can do this better than I do.