A letter to SUN

Dear Sun,

Hello. I am writing from Earth, one of your 4.5 billion years old daughter. Although you are 149,600,000 KM away from us, we can still feel the warmth of your love each day ever since our existence. Well some people get more of you than others but that’s not your fault, as with time our mother got old and she cannot stand straight up like she used to. It is summer here in Southern Asia.

Lately, you have been acting a bit weird. Many of us have felt unbearably hot vibes coming from you. Is it something wrong we did? Or is it just the usual teenage hormonal burst you are experiencing? I hope it is the latter. I agree we ourselves haven’t been so kind to our mother, maybe that is the reason you are so upset about. Everything is changing now. It rain now when it should be sunny out there, it is burning hot when it should be mildly cold.
People wearing white coats here tell us that we are headed for an ice age despite you glowing like this for several thousand lac years. If something like that happens, why dont you save your energy now and use it then?

Everything is advancing here at a very fast rate. But it seems that our mother pays all the bills to that. She always has been generous. White coats once told us that the black smoke our vehicles exhales out is responsible for keeping your warmth on earth. But, recently its amount has increased substantially and uncontrollably trapping more of you. This of course does not seems good. It is shrinking the white mountains and diluting the blue oceans.

Our race is selfish. Yes I admit, all the problems that we face are the result of our own actions. You , like a father, always ,along with mother, supported our existence. We , on other hand, have always take you for granted. I realize now that we have been a burden on you for the past few centuries. But I hope that like all parents, you will never give up on us though we might already have given up on you.



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