(Contd.) 7 days off from life

I left Mumbai, before the city was asleep, and I was thinking why couldn’t the roads be at 12 noon in Mumbai as well as in Delhi as they were at 4 AM. Nevertheless, I was off from Mumbai and reached Goa in about 3 hours. 1 hour flight and 2 hours in checking in at airport. Yes it took 2 hours to check in and get through security.



Meanwhile, I was about to experience the most captivating sunrise of my whole life from 7000 feet. Probably the most enchanting 10 minutes of my life.

Goa was relatively clean, green and a lot less dense.Yes population of Goa is 1.458 million and Mumbai is 20.7 million. (This is not me but wiki speaking). I remember, while landing at Mumbai, I could see a forest of ghetto(slums) and  we flew just a few hundred meters over them. But Goa was poles apart from that.

While driving down from Airport to the city, it felt a lot better and HOT .( I mean that in literally 😐 ). It felt like 35 degrees outside at 8 in the morning. We were driving down the hills (yes, i was surprised too that there were hills in Goa) and I was sweating. It was quite the opposite weather I expected. We reached our hotel and I crashed in my room for a power nap.

We left for some sight seeing at 1 PM and It was this moment that I realized we need to keep in at this time of the day when it was blazing like a furnace. Yes, in Goa.

We first stopped at Dona Paula. The sun was still flaming  and hence we kept our visit here very brief, enough to capture the relevance of this place and the story behind it. It is  remembrance to two lovers(Dona Paula, Portuguese Viceroy’s daughter  and a Goa Fisher)  who chose to die rather being separated.

statue of dona paula

Effigy of Dona Paula and her lover.

Though i was getting roasted , to what i generally call TANDORI CHICKEN , the place was so aesthetic that I managed to survive a few more minutes.

Next, we stopped by one of the beaches en route – Miramar Beach. It was a nice place, but as “The lord of light” was getting more clement upon us I suggested we spend the next hour sitting under a coconut tree , where it felt like a sudden 10 degree temperature drop, and then maybe cross the ocean of live coal because there was no way I was getting my feet sand baked. Hence, we spent the next hour with the wind in our hair and sand at our feet.


I accept that is very weird. 😀

Sitting idle is a very tiring. It wasn’t long when were famished.  So I , again being a life saver, suggested we utilize this reserve time. It was my second meal of the day ,after breakfast at hotel, and this probably was the best meal in the past 4 days. After the encounter with curries at Mumbai, this was a  scrumptious meal.


Kingfish Curry.
Kingfish curry

After this tremendously fulfilling bite, sun finally came down and it was time for some fun in water.

Next day was similar, with a visit to another local beach – Calangute beach. Learning from the past day, we decided to hit the roads at 4 in the afternoon this time so that we reach when it’s sunset. It was a lot pleasant and easy to survive the day this time.

Since the day we arrived at Goa, we were constantly reminded of visiting this amazing beach – Palolem beach with water so blue that one would be mesmerized. So we reserved the coming day  for this exotic visit, because it was 60 Km away from where we lodged ourselves and it would consume a whole day. Moreover, we did not had much to do here so this seemed like a good investment.

When we arrived at the said beach, my first reaction was ❓ where is the blue water? People said, it is high tide and to get into water that clear you either need to wait or go 2 KM inside ocean. 😐 World is full of deception.



Nonetheless, the place was way better than I explained. Well the sunset made it so. After having a snack and some water play, we left exhausted and drowsy. Once again, I crashed on the bed as we reached back, though my mind was not thnking about rest at the moment. It was occupied with the truth that it would be my last night in Goa and tomorrow I was to leave for home. It was the first time in 7 days that I did not want to go back to my more than abnormal life.


10 thoughts on “(Contd.) 7 days off from life

  1. Nice blog re! 🙂 And sorry about Palolem, you missed the real beauty due to high tide. You should’ve done Para sailing also 😀

    PS: It feels great when someone writes about Goa 😛


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