The Murder of Roger Ackroyd


So I recently read this 300 page small novel by the criminal novel queen Agatha Christie. It was published somewhere around 1926. As Expected from her other novels and stories this novel to was a murder mystery that was solved eventually by the very famous character created by her “Hercule Poirot”. 

The book was set in a fictional village King’s Abbot in England. The events that occurred are mostly written from the point of view of Dr. James Sheppard , who lives with her sister Caroline Sheppard. Like the Sherlock-Watson duo, James eventually became Hercule Poirot’s assistant, and the most interesting one. The story revolves around a murder of a affluent man Roger Ackroyd under deeply suspicious circumstances and every evidence of the scene points towards one person Captian Ralph Paton , Ackroyd’s stepson. Well it seems initially that being a well of man, Roger could have been murdered by those getting most out of his will. But as the plot develops each and every piece of fact was joining to darken the suspicion on Roger’s Stepson who eventually went into hiding soon after the news of his stepdad’s murder hit the news stores. Will he make out clean? I’ll leave that for you to find out.

The thing that i liked most about this book was its plot. Though it had a dull start, but its climax was equally interesting and to be frank a bit shocking. People with the taste of detective stories , especially Sherlock fans, will definitely love this piece by Agatha. Having more substance than an average Sherlock novella, it will sure keep you occupied for a week ( given you are a slow reader like me and read only some part of the story at a time and let you imagination do the rest for some time).


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